Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of the children?

We have 15 adult women who provide daily love and attention to the children.  These adults live permanently at Sebei Children's Home and are committed to their role as foster moms for the children. We also have one young man on staff, Alex, along with Mr. Lawai, who is the director.

Do the children speak English?

All school children in Uganda learn English starting in primary levels, because English is the national language of Uganda.  The children at the Sebei Children's Home learn English at school, and speak Kupsabiny at home.  If Ugandan students stay in school through their 6 years of secondary school, they will attain a conversational level of English.  The problem is that many youth do not stay in school.

Where do the children go to school?

The children attend Sebei Christian Academy Nursery and Primary School, and Sipi Secondary School. 

If I were to visit, what else is there to do or see in the area?

We are located in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda, East Africa, not too far from the Kenyan boarder. 

Is this a Christian organization?

We are Christian organisation and all our values are Christian based. 
We treasure christ in our organisation 

Why are the children not being taken care of by their parents or other relatives?

Do any of the children have living parents?

Are you trying to resettle the children back into the community, in foster homes?