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WorldRemit is a global leader in mobile money transactions. They make international money transfer fast, simple, secure and the fees are low.  On the review platform Trust Pilot, World Remit has been reviewed by over 30,000 people and given a rating of Excellent by 83% of reviewers.

Instructions for Using World Remit to Give to Sebei:

1. Click the World Remit link below, and sign up.

2. Select country: Uganda

3. Select Mobile Money  

4. For the payout network, select MTN. It will open a drop-down that says MTN Mobile Money Account.

5. Put in the amount you want to send, in US dollars. It will show you the amount of shillings the Ugandan recipient will get.

6. Now you will go to a page where you fill in your recipient's information.  

For Name, put Leonard for the first name, leave middle name blank, and put Lawai for the last name.

7. Address: Sipi

8. City/Town: Kapchorwa

9. Country: Uganda

10. Mobile Phone: +256 777722567

11. Email:

12. Sending Reason: Family or friend support.

13. Then it goes to the page where you put in your payment details. I choose: Debit/Credit

14. I put in my credit card number and 3-digit code from the back.

15. It will take about 8 -10 seconds to process.

16. If you asked to receive an SMS message, you will get confirmation that your payment went through.

17. If you use your credit card, this is a cash advance. To avoid accumulating cash advance fees, pay the balance on your card within a couple days of this transaction.