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People are not perfect (except when they smile). This is Fenny. She is PERFECT.

Perfect in her hope to grow, share, and contribute. She has had a hard time due to extreme poverty, abandonement, and vulnerability to human evil, but her perfection cannot be erased.

I've been communicating daily, for over a year, with the Sebei Children's Home where she and 39 other kids are living with loving foster moms, who are also serious farmers. They are in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda. Every question I've asked has been answered. I have seen income and expense records. Every process I've asked about has been explained. I scrutinized every video. I have been OBSESSED. A couple times I thought something might not check out, and I was on my knees. "Please don't let it be so. Please." And it wasn't! Every time, they check out -- honest and above board.

But their self-sustaining activities are in the early stages, and their donor base has been up and down. You could make an impact that would really matter to them. Even $5 a month will help. I've partnered with a 501(c)3 called A School Bell Rings, a small group of hard-working people, who will receive and forward funds to the Sebei Children's Home and Sebei Christian Academy, and you will get your tax deduction. Contact me if you want to get involved with helping the orphanage develop! You could have a direct role. No big organization here. Creativity and passion, welcomed.

Here is the link to learn more: